UX Design Awards – Spring 2024 ➜ Call for Entries ++ 13 Dec 2023 ➜ Deep Dive: Award Winners | Diia App ++

UX Design Awards – Spring 2024 ➜ Call for Entries ++ 13 Dec 2023 ➜ Deep Dive: Award Winners | Diia App ++

Connecting People by Cooking

In this Talent Track Luisa Ebeling, Indalecio Gaytan, Niklas Muhs and Yash Saboo will walk us through their award-winning project „Electrolux Jodana“.

About the Project: Electrolux Jodana

Winner of the UX Design Award | New Talent 2023

Download the presentation (PDF)

People in the Global South often have to leave their families behind to improve their economic situation. By separating from their families, they consume more disposable products, which leads to more e-waste every year. With "Jodana", a sustainable cooking ecosystem that can be used individually, the consumption of disposable products can be reduced.

UXDA Jury members Lisa Gerkens & Nancy Birkhölzer:

»This well designed concept offers a product unlike anything currently available on the market. The self-explanatory user interface is reduced to a minimum, but clearly communicates the functions of heat regulation, weight measurement and timer - even the control of multiple hobs is very intuitive. The idea of creating a small community to keep in touch with family or friends through an abstract way of interactive cooking is charming and a novel idea. Modularity is the future, and this concept could prove itself in all markets, including dormitories and community spaces, extending its lifespan as a growing system.«

About the Format:

Talent Track: Award Winners presents outstanding projects from the New Talent award category. The format, live interactive presentations followed by a Q&A session, offers a behind-the-scenes look at award-winning projects and shines a spotlight on some of the most promising “young guns” in experience design.


Luisa Ebeling

Yash Saboo

Indalecio Gaytan Sanchez

Niklas Muhs