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++ Nominees Announced ➜ 18 July ++ Register profile for upcoming Awards ➜ How to Enter


Xingcheng Zhu




New Talent


United States


Savannah college of Art and Design

Three questions to the project team

What was the particular challenge of the project from a UX point of view?
The primary challenge in my project was conducting user research to understand real-world interactions with the environment and plants. This involved observing numerous individuals in a real setting using behavior mapping techniques, striving to minimize disturbance to their natural activities. Additionally, conducting user interviews was crucial to gather insights into their genuine thoughts and experiences. This meticulous research process was essential for creating a user-centered design that effectively addresses user needs and preferences.

What was your personal highlight in the development process? Was there an aha!-moment, was there a low point?
The highlight of the development process was uncovering a unique user behavior pattern that highlighted the emotional bond between individuals and plants. That is why I created some actions to water, fertilize plants, swap plants with friends, etc. This discovery shifted our design focus to emphasize this emotional connection, marking an 'aha!' moment in our project.
Conversely, the low point was the initial struggle in seamlessly integrating real-world plant identification with the digital experience. Because what I have to do is not just map experiences in life, but create experiences that cannot exist in life. Overcoming difficulties and completing projects gives me a great sense of pleasure and accomplishment.

Where do you see yourself and the project in the next five years?
In the next five years, I envision myself leading the project towards becoming a key player in digital environmental education and interaction. My goal is to expand the platform's capabilities, integrating more advanced technology like AR and AI to enhance user experience. I also aim to establish partnerships with environmental organizations and educational institutions to broaden our impact. For the project, I see it evolving into a comprehensive ecosystem that not only educates about plant care and environmental awareness but also actively contributes to sustainability efforts globally.