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++ Nominees Announced ➜ 18 July ++ Be the Next Winner ➜ How to Enter


Michał Riske, Marta Chróstowska, Zuzanna Pawlak







Design Studio / Department

Wavemaker & Choreograph Global Product Team

Three questions to the project team

What was the particular challenge of the project from a UX point of view?
The main UX challenge was designing a product for both type of users (people directly working with Client and people from Content/Creative team). We had to understand two distinct groups' needs and behaviours, and create an intuitive interface for both. Our approach involved extensive research, creating user personas and scenarios, and focusing on a clean, simple design. The goal was a user-centred design that caters to all needs, ensuring easy navigation and understanding.

What was your personal highlight in the development process? Was there an aha!-moment, was there a low point?
The highlight in the development process was successfully integrating different metrics (like demographic, categories from different data sets) to build a unique app for influencers, inspired by e-commerce stores. This 'aha!' moment came after initial struggles to combine metrics effectively for a meaningful user experience. The challenge led us to draw inspiration from successful e-commerce platforms, enabling us to design an app that meets our users' needs and provides an enjoyable user experience.

Where do you see yourself and the project in the next five years?
In the near future, we plan to focus on adding more data sources to our apps to include additional statistics from various social and gaming platforms. The app has the potential to be enhanced with generative AI functions which helps user to select influencers in simple and faster way. Our ultimate goal is to automatically link the app to the main parent app, which is responsible for planning complex media plans.