1 March at 5pm CET: Winners revealed ➜ Register

1 March at 5pm CET: Winners revealed ➜ Register


Creative Service / Anastasia Fleaghina, Anna Donets, Ramona Ziemann, Cristian Plop







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»The jury was impressed by the app’s potential to change car users’ behavior in areas where no alternative means of transportation are available with the aim of meeting sustainability goals. The well-structured, straightforward yet elegant UI provides just the right amount of joy-of-use. By considering many additional aspects such as social interaction and driver benefits, the user experience offers added value and thus becomes attractive for the target group. The solution makes use of different technologies at respective touchpoints, such as in-car, online, mobile or wearable functions, making the app easy to use both for drives and passengers throughout the journey.«

Werner Spicka